Professional grooming:

By Sherry Nelson

We offer top of the line grooming in our all-breed, full-service grooming salon. Sherry is a professional with over 25 years of experience. All groomings include clipping nails, cleaning ears and expressing anal glands if needed. 

We also offer:

  • De-skunking
  • Shed-less treatment (helps reduce shedding)
  • Dry skin treatments
  • ​Flea and Tick Dipping
  • Specialty Shampoos and Conditioners

Training Classes

Basic Obedience

This includes:

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Down

We will also work with dog and owner on behavioral problems you may be experiencing

Group Classes are conducted on Saturday mornings. Six sessions of one hour each. Including one on one time with our trainer and your dog.

Classes start frequently, please call to find out when our next class will be starting.

All dogs benefit from repetition, so we offer the opportunity to come through our class a second time at no extra charge. 

There is a discount for the second dog in the same class.

The fee for the group class is $100.00 plus tax for the full six-week course.

We also offer In Kennel Training:

This requires a minimum of a 3-week boarding stay.  The trainer will work with your dog daily and meet with you and your dog for one on one work. The fee for In Kennel Training is $300.00 plus the boarding fee.